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High duty fire bricks?

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  • High duty fire bricks?

    I have a line on some free high duty firebricks from a dismantled kiln. I don't plan on using these for the hearth, but would these be suitable to use for the dome and chimney? They would likely be much harder to cut than the normal ones so I might have to use some of the standard firebricks where the chimney meets. Would this be a decent plan?

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    Why not use them in the floor? There are less cuts there, especially if you place the dome walls on the floor rather than around the floor. I would give them a test cut to see how hard they are to cut. I used "super" duty bricks, and yes they are hard on diamond blades. What as the kiln used to produce, you do need to be careful with residual heavy metals or chemicals in salvaged bricks, IE a lot of low temperature glazes use to have lead in them.
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      Oh good point about the lead. That's an aspect i havent considered. No idea what it was used for though I could probably find out. The other reason they would be more suitable for the dome is that they are apparently mostly half bricks. Good for the dome as I would be halving them anyway. I think they would end up being to uneven to make a nice flat hearth. I'll have to look into the lead thing though