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Ceramic tiles for base of oven

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  • Ceramic tiles for base of oven

    I am building an oven and have some ceramic tiles left over from a bathroom upgrade. Will these work at the base of the oven before the fire bricks instead of ceramic board?

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    You can decorate your stand with the tiles they will be worthless as a insulation layer. The ceramic board is a very good insulation you can get away with just 2" of it. If you want to reduce costs further then you need to look at vermicreete.


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      Randy is correct ceramic fiber board and ceramic tile are two totally different products the ceramic fiber board is an insulation product and is made up of aluminum silicate ceramic fibers. Ceramic tile not an insulation product has an R value similar or less than concrete which has an R value of .08 per inch.
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        Thank you.


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          Note, you can still use the tiles to elevate the board off the concrete to allow water to channel beneath it without soaking the Fb Board


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            You should be sure of the quality of the tiles itself. Use strong tilers adhesives Brendale to make the tile sturdy. You need stability.