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Refractory Mortar Help (Casa 90)

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  • Refractory Mortar Help (Casa 90)

    Greetings all,

    First-time poster and light reader of the forum, forgive me if this was asked before

    I finally completed the dome assembly and ready to mud the seams, of course, after sitting around for a couple of years the mortar that came with the oven dried out. I did some reading here and I thought I was ready to order some replacement mortar, my plan was to order Heat Stop 50 until I saw a post suggesting it's not good for this purpose. please help me find the right stuff, what do I use?

    I live in Durham, NC, I have limited options and the only thing I can get locally is the Heat Stop 50, not sure if I am asking the right questions or more likely I have no idea what I am looking for. A stone shop has some high heat mortar but the lady told me it's not refractory, I decided not to get it. Any suggestion to complete this phase is greatly appreciated .

    Thank you-


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    It would be best to contract Forno Bravo for alternative suggestions. That said, do a google search for "refractory suppliers" in your area. A quick search on my end showed several in the Greensburo area as well as one in in Durham. It does not necessary have to be premixed, it could be a dry mix but I would check with FB.
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      Thank you, Russell, for the suggestions. I will reach out to FB for additional information.