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Searching for WFO building material in Japan

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  • Searching for WFO building material in Japan

    Sorry to be posting so much here but I wanted to just throw it out there to see if the fornobravo experts can give any inputs/opinions.

    I'm trying to find the building material for the dome work. As far as I could read on here, there are basically two options: (i) to find dedicated fire mortar; or (ii) to make a home brew consisting of 3 quarts sand 1 quart each of lime fire clay and portland cement.

    The portland is easy to find, as is the sand. But for lime, all I can find is lime for gardening/agriculture. See attached image.

    Washed clay also isn't easy to find. I found some (attached image), but our garden is full of clay, so collecting and washing that is also an option I am considering.

    If I go with a dedicated mortar, there seems to be two options, although they may be very different. One of them is called 13T Castor (see attached image). It seems to be a refractory cement used for kilns and ovens. But as far as I can gather, this is a refractory cement used in stead of firebricks, and not to create a bond between firebricks. In that sense, it might be the right thing to use on top of the firebrick dome, to strengthen it. It seems to have a ceramic mix/fibres that make it strong and able to withstand high temps. So maybe that is NOT what I am looking for as bond between the firebricks.

    The other option is called SK 32 (see image), like many firebricks here also are called SK 32. This seems to be a fire mortar that can withstand high heat. The problem with this mortar, at least according to google translate, is that it can be used over and over again. If it's dry you just add water and it becomes malleable again. So basically if I used that to bond my firebricks, wouldn't they fall apart if they get wet?

    It is pretty difficult to find the right materials here, especially when challenged by language gaps.

    I wanted to throw these issues out here to see if anyone knows what it is I should choose as bond between my firebricks.

    Cheers from sunny weather in Japan.