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3:1:1:1 Materials in California

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  • 3:1:1:1 Materials in California

    Hello, Guys,

    Are these materials that I can find in Lowes/Ace/HomeDepor good for my 3:1:1:1


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    I'm no expert and not from the states, but I think I dare to say the refractory cement is wrong. It contains portland cement eg. in the specification sheet. The fire clay should be just clay pretty much as I understand it.

    Lime also looks alright, seen a lot refer to specifically Type S, rather than type N.


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      Definitely a no on the refractory cement. You want this:
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        Ganlet and Mongo are correct about the Rutland refractory. It is not a substitute for frieclay. Look for it in 50 lb bags at the local brick yards in your area. It sometimes stocked in certain Lowes or Home Depots. Two of the brand names that I am familiar with are HC Muddox (mortar clay) or Superior Clay (fireclay). The rest of your list looks ok. However, I would sieve the all purpose sand through an old wind screen to remove the small amount of larger aggregate that is sometimes in the bag.
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