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Building Materials and Supplies in the Northeast

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  • Building Materials and Supplies in the Northeast

    I have started searching for suppliers of materials such as the insulating board, insulating blanket and refactory cement in Connecticut, (I am in southeastern CT). Anyone know of suppliers up in this part of the country I can contact. Thanks, Jim

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    Hi Jim,

    Welcome to the forum. I'm going to bump this thread for you. There is lots of traffic on the forum these days. Hopefully someone from your area will see it. If not, I will give you some advice for your search. The company I delt with is called Distribution Ineternational. If you go their site, they have a listing of their locations. The closest one to you is in NY. I'm sure that there are other industrial insulation suppliers closer to you. The insulations that we need for a WFO are typically sold by industrial insulation suppliers. You can do some searches in your area for "industrial insulation". You may also use the key words "calcium silicate" and / or "ceramic fiber" insulation. Any company that has industrial boilers or furnaces have to change this insulation out on a regular basis. Elecrical power generators are scattered all over the US. They may help you find a supplier near you. You live in a cold part of the country. I think y'all use a lot of boiler heat for your homes. I'm not sure what type inulation is used for those, but you may want to check into it.

    For your "refractory cement", you may want to think consider the "home brew" that is discussed a lot on this site.
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