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Setting Oven Floor - Fire Clay not available

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  • Setting Oven Floor - Fire Clay not available

    Sorry I might be entering the wrong conversation, but could someone give me some advice on this?

    So i have vermiculite insulation in place (about 5 inches) and now I need to set the oven floor. I do not have fire clay available in my area so i cant do the fire clay and sand mixture.

    But i do have refractory mortar. Can i use that instead or is there something better i should use?


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    Just use dry sand.
    Any kind of mortar is not recommended, you want the bricks to be able to move.


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      Thanks for the response! Do you happen to know how much i should add on top? in terms of thickness?


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        As little as you can get away with, it's only to level your floor bricks, I probably averaged about 10mm.
        I used pumice dust, only because it was a by product of me crushing the pumice, I was going to use sand,
        I used a notched tiling trowel and tapped the bricks with a rubber hammer, if one was too low I just put a bit more dust under it, too high and I scraped a bit out.