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Calcium Silcate Boad or Ceramic fire board??

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  • Calcium Silcate Boad or Ceramic fire board??

    Ah the joys of getting WFO building materials to Hawaii... cost vs performance?... what’s available?. I am getting there guys.. in the final material phases now.. close to sourcing all my building materials.. as they say in Hawaii “Eddie would go”.... lolol

    so, should I place Calcium Silicate Board or Ceramic Fiber Board under my oven floor fire bricks??? Input please

    from what I can gather the CaSi board is the preferred product for underneath the oven floor bricks... it appears to be more expensive.. it’s denser? water resistant available? Not as insulating... i noticed FB does not sell this product.. but most guys prefer it here...

    Ceramic Fiber Board is what’s being sold by FB... it appears to be cheaper... it’s more insulating however it’s not as strong..?? If it’s not as strong in can condense under the weight of the oven giving it less insulating value...

    I am pretty sure I can get both products shipped to Hawaii... and that CaSi board is more money$$... but I want to do it right with an oven that takes 3-4 days to cool down... what do you prefer under you oven floor bricks?? Thank you...
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    Hers is the response I got o from PTI Thermal Solutions:

    The calcium silicate boards come 48” x 96”… 4 feet by 8 feet. That is an oversized pallet with a crate fee of $165.00. The board itself would be $550.00 for ” thick. Calcium silicate is cement based and is more for durability than insulation.

    the joys of finding wfo building materials in hawaii

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      That's almost unreal. The industry standard is 12" x 36" for CalSil boards! Most industries make that work for their needs. 48" x 96" sounds like a special order to me. Forget about that..
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        My other option for under oven floor insulation from PTI is Protherm Ceramic Fiber Board 36x24x2... 54$ a board.... will this work under my oven floor bricks???

        Ceramic Fiber Board
        Protherm Ceramic Fiber (CF) Boards are manufactured from refractory ceramic fibers suitable for industrial applications to withstand temperatures of up to 2600F. They are ideal for applications where vibration, mechanical stress and higher air velicities are present. The boards are strong, yet light-weight and are easy to cut and/or machine. They are excellent for insulating furnaces and boilers due to their low thermal conductivity and low heat storage allowing for shorter cycle times
        Low shrinkage
        Low thermal conductivity
        Low heat storage
        Excellent thermal shock resistance Asbestos free

        Protherm CFBoard 2300 F
        Protherm CFBoard 2600F 2600F
        2450F Cream to White 18.75
        ≤3 @ 2450 F x 24hrs
        ≤0.083 ≤0.115 ≤0.135 ≤0.150
        Classification Temperature Continuous Use Temperature Color
        Density (pcf)
        Shrinkage on Heating (%) Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K.)
        400 C 600 C 800 C 1000 C
        Compressive Strength (Mpa)
        2300 F 2100 F
        Cream to White 18.75
        ≤3 @ 2100F x 24hrs
        ≤0.085 ≤0.120 ≤0.140 ≤0.160
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          Ceramic fiber board is the best insulation for under the floor. However, I can't read pie R square for that particular product data sheet. I will leave that for the engineers. But, I think that I remember from some of your first posts on another thread. You didn't want to put much of a foundation under your oven because the land was leased? Why not go with the materials (perlite and vermiculite) that you said were readily available on the island? Given the right mix, and the right thickness, they will work just fine imo.
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            Gulf I just sent you the link in PM as not to post link here
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              The pdf for the product data sheet is ok to post. Just not a coomercial sales link;

              Here is the product data sheet pdf.

              It probably holds the same info as what you copied. I just haven't bothered to learn how to read pd sheets. They use many different terms to get to the same place imo. Russell, UtahBeehiver is good at translating them into lay terms lol.
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                Any one hear of that pabco brand... it on eBay for cheap..

                A. Calcium Silicate: 1 1/2-inch thick unless specified or shown otherwise with 14 pcf nominal density, 0.42 per inch maximum K-factor at 200F mean temperature and 1200F minimum service rating. Pabco, or equal.
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                  Gulf not getting much fead back on these products so as an alternative product considering what you said above about just using the perli/vermi crete.... 4 inches is what is recommended w/ insulation.... how thick would I need to go if I just used it with out insulation.... 8 inches?? Thank you.
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                    4" of vermicrete or pelcrete (5 to1) is roughly equal to 2" of ceramic fiber or calcium silicate boards. If I poured more than 4", I would pour it in stages to let it dry some. I think that I would go with 6" and pour 2" thick at a time about a week apart.

                    This may have been asked before. Is the pumice stone y'all have, light weight and easy to cut.? It may be something that you can use to elevate the v/p crete that may have some insulative and nonwater wicking properties. I may be way off base.
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                      Got it... 4in perlicrete === 2 inch insulation... pumice stone? Sand stone? We have stuff on the beach... light rock like substance.. can be easily broken and ground.. but I prefer not to take from the beach as humans have done for centuries... this is why you can no longer find puka shells or any shells in Haleiwa..... but I may take a few buckets of sand from the beach to form my dome... this I could return to the beach or return to the land...

                      it looks like plasters will mail me the thermo 1200 calsil insulation blocks... stoked... keeping up with the Jones’s is tough... lolol
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                        So I was able to get the CalSil Thermo1200 insulation blocks from plastered... 12in x 36in x 2in @ 6 blocks total and 2 extra cut off blocks... thank you josh... it will only takes 3 blocks to put 1 layer under my 36inch hearth.. so 6 blocks is actually enough to put 2 layers (4 inch CalSil) under my hearth... and I think that will leave me just enough extra cutoff to piece in 1 @ 2 inch layer on the galley floor.???.. hmmmm!!... not enough CalSil to do the galley floor in 2 layers..

                        question: is 4 inches of CalSil over kill for the hearth? I was planning on 4 inches of perlicrete and 2 inches of CalSil but will end up with a lot of left overs CalSil if I go that route... should I do away with the 4 inches perlicrete and just go with 4 inch CalSi?? I might as well double up the CalSil as what else can I do with the 3 extra CalSil blocks???.

                        oh how my mind is spinning.. trying to manage these expensive CalSil blocks as efficiently as possible... but also need to think about insulating the galley floor too.. thank you so much for you input... I truly appreciate you all helping me build the best wfo I can.. aloha
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