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Smooth Concrete Floor?

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  • Smooth Concrete Floor?

    I have built my block base and getting ready to build the pizza oven concrete floor. I’m likely going to get a modular kit so the oven floor tiles will be insulated from the concrete floor with insulating tiles. I’ve poked around for floor plans but wondering if anyone has good ideas to try pour a smooth concrete finished floor and if so what was the used technique? I’ve looked at concrete countertops which are formed upside down on a malamine frame however flipping a huge pizza frame slab is likely impossible. If anyone has any thoughts, let me know. Also is 3 1/2” thick best for concrete floor or if properly supported below with angle iron and 1/2” cement board, should I go thinner? Lastly, should I cut the supporting cement board a bit smaller than concrete block base so concrete goes right to the edge of the block?

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    Hi, I dont really understand what you mean, what part do you want to be smooth?
    Normally the format works like this ... supporting concrete base, insulation and finally a cooking base.
    The cooking base is most often fire bricks but some modular ovens have a cast refractory cement cooking base.
    The insulation is very important and is most often made from vermiculite or ceramic fibre.
    Do you mean the surrounding table top area around the pizza oven?