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  • Local Oven building materials

    Before I start building my dome pizza oven I wanted to make sure I was able to locate all the important materials.

    This is whats available to me locally...

    High Duty Approx 40 % Alumina size 9 X 4.5 X 3 ( would this be difficult to cut due to thickness?) I plan on using a 12 radial arm saw with a diamond blade with bricks saturated in water to reduce dust.

    Sairmix-7 Pre-Mixed Mortar

    Insblok-19 Floor Isulating board ( Dealer said it was made up of mineral wool)

    Can anyone give any input using these materials before I start.

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    A radial arm saw is not you best option for cutting bricks, even wet brick will spew off "alot" of silica dust which is very bad for you health as well as you family and neighbors. Spend the money and buy an inexpensive (in the scheme of things) HF wet brick saw or look for a used one. This will be especially true with high alumina bricks. I went through a dozen wet saw diamond blades (my bricks were super duty though).

    Any particular reason premix, good old home brew 3:1:1:1 sand lime portland fireclay is commonly used on this forum and proven and less expensive. You will need more than you think and typically premix is quite expensive, go with home brew and the money saved you can get the HF wet saw.

    Can't remember specs on insbloc 19, key factors needed, K value, compression strength at 5% compression, temp rating plus how thick you are planning.
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      Is there a reason why you are using high duty brick? They really aren't needed, unless you have a particular reason for them. Many (probably most) builders use low or medium duty.
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