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Looking for Clay chimney resources / installation tips

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  • Looking for Clay chimney resources / installation tips

    I am building the Forno Bravo Premio 2G 100 wood fired oven kit. I would like to install a clay chimney, Does anyone have resources or installation tips. Having trouble finding the right size. Thank you

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    A clay flue cannot be installed without insulating it. There is a video posted by David S showing how the thermal differential between the inside of a clay flue and the outside ambient temperature causes the flue to "severely" crack. However if insulated the cladded with a decorative outside, a clay flue is feasible. Most building supply or fireplace distributors carry clay flues. Note, a rectangular flue is not as efficient as a round flue so an 8" round ID flue may require a min 9" rectangular flue.
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      It’s only down the bottom where the heat is more intense, that cracking is a problem. Clay chimney pots at the top of chimneys perform excellently all over the world. However a clay chimney lower down(probably the bottom 500mm of the chimney’s height) must be insulated around its outer surface to prevent cracking failure.
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