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Finding local building materials

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    Re: Finding local building materials

    Looking for firebrick in central New Jersey. I have contacted many locations and the only place I found it was a fireplace dealer 2 minutes from me but they want 5.95 a brick! The other place was Clayton block, but they had low duty firebrick for 1.08 a block, but fire temps only went to 2,000, and they were 8 1/4 x 4. Anyone know a location it would be very helpful. Have my base poured and looking to combo order my brick and cinder block.


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      Re: Finding local building materials

      I will send you firebrick. $1 / brick. You pay freight. How much do you need? It is used and without mortar.


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        Re: Finding local building materials

        Hi all,
        Suppliers for fireclay and ceramic blanket in Tasmania?
        Can you help?


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          Re: Finding local building materials

          Maybe ask this question under the Aussie Region Forum thread. You may get better info there.
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            Re: Finding local building materials

            Gudday Moley
            Good advice that, start in the Aust section.
            Sounds like you onto you secound oven? Moved house or you helping someone?
            I don't know how available ceramic blanket is in tassie, I suspect you might have to have it sent from the mainland. Worthwhile though.
            With the fireclay its importance in the mortar is to make it sticky and workable more than its refractory properties which aren't required for the temps possible in a WFO. You can substitute powder clay without a problem. Even delete it , a squit of dish washing liquid will make the mortar more plastic.
            I hope you do post your new build we have not to my knowledge had a tassie build your knowledge will be invaluable to other tassie builders in the future.
            Regards dave
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              Re: Finding local building materials

              Hi Dave,
              we are going to build a wfo in our school garden. Since I have built one here at home I am suddenly the 'guru' for all things with bricks and mortar at school! Got most of the stuff organised and I will certainly try to keep the forum posted on our progress. Thanks for your interest


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                Re: Finding local building materials

                Hi Moley

                Why don't you give Ben a call at Melbourne Firebrick, he has shipped his kits to South Australia and elsewhere I cannot quite remember but north.

                He has kits pre cut that require minimal cutting. The kits come with everything you need and are very reasonably priced based on my research prior to starting my WFO late March. Check out Crocau build he used the kit.

                This option will simplify and speed up the build for you.
                Cheers Colin

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                  Re: Finding local building materials

                  Thanks Colin,
                  I will check it out. We are keen to brick our own oven from scratch as many materials have been donated to the school and I have built my own at home. Not really concerned about the length of time to build it, after all its going to be there for years to come.


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                    Re: Finding local building materials


                    I am in the Seattle area and need 2 boards of Insblock 19 - 2" thickness. I bought a box from my local supplier but need 2 more boards/sheets to complete my insulation. I was hoping to not have to buy another entire box but will if necessary.

                    Is there anyone in this area (basically anyone in Washington state!) who has a few boards left over from their build? I'll compensate.



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                      Been a long time since I have posted anything as my build was finished in 2011 but I ran across this ad on craigslist while I was looking for wood! I haven't kept up on building technology since but seemed like a decent deal...


                      A further glance it looks like free shipping anywhere!


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                        Hi - we're in process of a Casa 100 build and I'm preparing for next weekend when I hope to be ready for the Base Coat Stucco / Waterproof Stucco / Marble Base Coat Stucco applications. That said - the closest products I could find at Lowes and HomeDepot were Amerimix Preblended Mortar Tyoe S and Sakrete Mortar Stucco Mix Type S. I live in Northern Virginia and am really surprised to find these supplies lacking. At Lowe's, i was in the construction department and they sent me to the paint department - the paint department sent me to the construction department. Any advice about whether the Type S Mortar/Stucco Mix would be a substitute for a base coat or where I might be able to find the right products? Thank you so much!!__PRESENT