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Suppliers of fire-brick in the U.K ? - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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Suppliers of fire-brick in the U.K ?

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  • Suppliers of fire-brick in the U.K ?

    After months of trying to find suppliers of fire-brick and materials for wood-oven building here in the U.K (without much success) I have decided to create my own site, initially to be used as a guide for any would be wood-oven builders in the U.K to source materials from their part of the country.

    It seems that if you live in America or Australia you have a multitude of choice to choose from whatever part of that country you live in. Here in Blighty it's easier to aquire rocking horse sh_t than fire-brick.

    I have e-mailed the couple that I have found ,but not one has returned an e-mail. Forno Bravo U.K sell ovens, kits and materials here but even they are limited in what they sell. I have also found 2 suppliers with prices but in a country of 60.000.000 inhabitants.......there must be more.......many more.

    Can anybody on this forum help me in buiding up a data-base with info on buying wood-oven materials in the U.K. any input would be much appreciated.

    Anybody who's interested' or can give advice on a new site, the link is on my message/home page....just click on "cannyfradock " otherwise any leads can be left on this thread.

    Many thanks

    Terry (C.F)
    Honi soit qui mal y pense

    My 2nd Pompeii build.....


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    Re: Suppliers of fire-brick in the U.K ?

    Perhaps the site you created is a good place to find the info...Wood & Pizza Oven UK Forum :: Index as I used to be a member..... Thanks for all Terry


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      Re: Suppliers of fire-brick in the U.K ?

      ebay uk everytime for everything,


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        Re: Suppliers of fire-brick in the U.K ?

        Try to source the players (mfg, installation, repair) in the fireplace and heater trade and they could point you to viable suppliers. (Maybe even leftovers from odd lots). It may be different where you are, but I've called at least half a dozen local commercial refractory suppliers and every one of 'em was happy to sell to the individual homeowner/consumer.