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Avanzini Drago vs. Vamparossa gas burner

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  • Avanzini Drago vs. Vamparossa gas burner

    Hi all,

    I have an Alan Scott type oven that I bring up to temp with wood and then maintain temp with gas. I installed the Vamparossa E3 burner. When it works it works great but its quite flakey. Major issue is the flame creeps back into the burner itself and burns off the paint and makes lots of noise. Can’t leave it unattended without worrying about it catching on fire.

    Was looking into the Avanzini (looks like the Drago D2/M and Drago Six produce similar heat output) as a replacement but looking at the manual they seem to have quite a bit of similarities and if anything it’s possibly a cruder interface.

    Anyone have experience with both of them?