Gas fired pizza ovens use high heat and combustible fuels that if not properly installed and maintained can lead to explosion, fire, injury, or death. By utilizing this site and the information given, you agree to our General Disclaimer.
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Gas burner in pompeii

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  • Gas burner in pompeii

    I am considering starting a Pompeii build. I was wondering if anyone has added a gas (LPG or NG) to a Pompeii build? If so where did you get the gas insert? I seen Forno Bravo says you can retrofit some of their ovens with a gas burner so figured someone had to have tried.

    Thanks in advance for all the advice!

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    Welcome to the forum! I've moved your thread to the "Gas & other" topic area where it will be easier for others to find. Although we do have some builds that incorporate lp/ng, most here are firing with wood. You'll note the caution messages on this topic...too many try to bypass having installs done professionally to save money and create dangerous situations. Hopefully you'll get some feedback from those on the forum who have experience with using gas in their masonry ovens.
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      I've read several horror stories that originated from someone adding a gas burner to a custom smoker. While I can't recall any issues seen from a similar install into a pizza oven, I beleive similar warnings apply. Internet comments tend to highlight worst case extremes/etc. This is a situation where the concerns are valid.

      Engineering and testing goes into designing a gas burning appliance. I would not put one in anything I built custom, IMHO. If a propane burner goes out, it can fill the space with what could be an explosive mix of gas and air.