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  • high heat mortar

    I need some advice on high heat mortar. I’m leaving Monday to go to Albuquerque, New Mexico to pick up the rest of my materials for my oven. The supplier does not stock heat stop 50 he only stocks the heat stop2 which is a premix. For those of you that have completed your WFO with the homebrew would you recommend in if you had to do it over again? And what recipe did you use.
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    Re: high heat mortar

    Heat stop and Heat stop 2 are the same thing, HS II is in a one gallon pail instead of a 50# bag. Look for the bag, mucho cheaper.


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      Re: high heat mortar

      The homebrew works well if you use fine sand. Heat stop is super easy to work with, but it can crack just like anything else.

      Here's a link to the recipe and related discussion:
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        Re: high heat mortar

        Please don't simply read the recipe found on the FB site without knowing first that the lime is a no-no with Calcium Aluminate cements, not even in trace amounts found on old tubs, tools and such..
        The thread that the above points to eventually brings it up, but only much later way after the recipe is given.
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