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Hardibacker question

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  • KraemerBAC
    Re: Hardibacker question


    I did mine so it sat inside the blocks and on the frame; I used plywood which I removed after everything dried so I could reuse it. I do agree that it seems like 6 of 1 and half of another..although if it was an expense you could cut out....Have fun whatever you decide.


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  • bradmtb
    started a topic Hardibacker question

    Hardibacker question

    I'm about to cut my sheets of Hardibacker, and need advise on what to do...
    I've framed the stand to support the Hardibacker sheets. Do I cut the Hardibacker to fit just inside my wood form which would cover the cement blocks, or do I cut the Hardibacker so that it fits inside of the cement blocks and sits only on my wood frame? Seems like I've seen it both ways. I filled every other cement block with concrete/rebar, and stuffed empty concrete bags in the other holes. If I install the Hardibacker over the cement blocks, then the hearth is just laying on the cement stand correct? I'm following directions on the Casa2g110 installation guide.