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Thermal Ceramics - Tri Mor Monolithics Thermlite

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  • Thermal Ceramics - Tri Mor Monolithics Thermlite

    I've been given 75 kilos of this stuff.

    Here's some info on it.

    These grades are used for the containment of heat within high temperature operating structure. They can be used for either hot face working linings or as backing linings behind higher density working linings


    A versatile 1370?C insulating material with low thermal conductivity. Can be installed by casting, gunning or trowelling.


    Bond Type: Hydraulic
    Raw Material Base: Calcined Fireclay/Perlite
    Maximum Service Temperature: 1370?C
    Refractoriness (Seger Cone): 1460?C (16)
    Bulk Density Dried to 110?C: 1440kg/m3
    Net Material Required Cast (Gunned): 1350kg/m3 (1440)

    Dried to 110?C: 1440kg/m3
    Net Material Required Cast (Gunned): 1350kg/m3 (1440)

    Looks ideal for using underneath my hearth bricks, even if I do have to sieve out some of the bigger particles.

    I guess my question is, does anyone think that this isn't suaitable for building my dome (between the firebricks)? It looks ready mixed, so not a lot of scope for bulking out with more sand, but maybe will add 1 to 2/3 of sand?

    Should I test it first to see what it dries like between a couple of fire bricks?

    Maybe I should just stick with the plan and go and buy a some fireclay and lime and make a homebrew?

    Have just found it's components

    Alumino Silicate 30 - 65%
    Calcium Aluminium silicate < 35%
    Cement > 20%
    Clay 2 -15%

    Is the cement content maxed out here. or will I get away with adding more sand?

    What to do????

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    Re: Thermal Ceramics - Tri Mor Monolithics Thermlite

    This material is an insulating castable not suitable as amortar. However seeing you got it free you could try sieving out the courser aggregate and replacing the equivalent volume removed with fine silica sand. The active cement will be calcium aluminate which is fireproof, but be careful as it will have a shorter working time. Mix smaller quantities.
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      Re: Thermal Ceramics - Tri Mor Monolithics Thermlite

      Hi Jon, Just saw your layout picture and your problems with base size. Have a look at fxpose build where he cut the bottom rings to 3" to maximize his base area. In your case you would only have to cut the the bricks on the left and right of your dome. Good luck with the build.