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  • chimney

    Hi all
    I have a couple of questions. I just finished my dome and how long should I keep it damp?
    I?ll be installing a clay chimney and was wondering about attaching it to the oven. Do you cement it in place, or leave it freestanding?


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    Re: chimney

    I will be intrested in some of the answers here too since I am also going clay with my chimmey.

    What I was planning on doing was to cement it in place on the entry way tunnel but on the inner arch was going to let it "float". Its the same for my entry tunnel, I did not mortar it to the inner arch but let it "float". I did not put a gap between the two, which maybe a mistake, but I did not mortar the two structures together .....yet.

    The only clay chimmey(s) I could find were rectangles 13" x 13" that I purchased from Boral brick, which I will be cutting and re-glueing, and I also was given a 6" dia clay pipe that I decided not to use since I needed at least 8" dia.
    How big is yours?

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      Re: chimney

      thanks for your help


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        Re: chimney

        I mortared mine in place with the same homemade hi-temp mortar I used for the rest of the dome. It's held up fine through the dozen or so firings since I built it last year. I built a tall sloped vent transition from the arch to the chimney to mount the tile, which seems to help the draw.

        My oven build is finally complete!