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Forno Bravo metal oven stand

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  • Forno Bravo metal oven stand

    Forno Bravo has gone into production with a metal oven stand. We've called it the Cucina. It is a 4" hearth tray with angle iron legs. The tray has a structural support member in the center, that holds the insulating hearth materials and provides structural integrity. It is very strong, but weighs only a fraction of a concrete block stand and concrete hearth. It lets you put an oven in spot where you can't put a concrete block stand, it's lighter and it goes up faster. It isn't for everyone, but there are many installation applications where it is a good choice.

    You can either fill it with a 1" layer of concrete/rebar, then 3" vermiculite concrete, or with 2" concrete/rebar, 2" vermiculite, the topped with Super Isol board. Use concrete board inside the tray to form when you are pouring, and leave it is place when you are done.

    The tray in notched to accommodate your own oven landing material in front of the opening.

    The top of the stand is 40", so you are at 42" to the cooking floor.

    There are four sizes, to carry the Casa80, Casa90, Casa100 and Casa110.

    They are:

    We have a number of the stands in our new showroom, with more photos forthcoming. Here is a photograph of the stand.

    For more information, you can find the stands in the Installation Accessories section of the Forno Bravo Store:

    Also, we can make custom sizes and corner units if you are interested.

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    heehee heee - We knew you would come around!


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      I'm sure you'll sell a bunch of these: building the base is way more work than even an elaborate oven. Now: how 'bout importing those terra cotta lintels to simplify the layer under the super-isol? Getting a pallet of those can't be more difficult than importing refractory ovens.
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        Looking for answers.

        This is my first time posting a message, although I've read different messages from time to time.
        This is about the Cucina Hearth Tray and Stand.
        I am planing to build a 42" Pompeii Brick Oven in an indoors environment and I was woundering would I be able to use the Cucina Hearth Tray and Stands or would I have to have the stand custom made?
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