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  • Foundation Question

    I'm planning on starting my WFO in spring. I have been gathering supplies and thinking about the location of it in my yard. I currently have an old shed on a cement pad. It's about 10' square, and 8" thick. The shed has been there for over 30 yrs and was going to be replaced next spring in another location. The cement slab is close to level, about 1/2" over the 10'. I'm not sure if it has the mesh in the cement or not, I also think there is no rebar as there was none in the driveway when I ripped that up this spring, but there was mesh. I think I would like to either build directly on top of this or increase the thickness of the pad to raise it a little higher off the ground. The cement pad is just a little higher then the lawn.

    Can I just build a form the same size and build right on top about 3"? Or should I build on what is currently there. Building right on top would make things easy, I was not looking forward to ripping it up when the shed is gone.

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Foundation Question

    If it's eight inches thick and mesh reinforced, you should be good to build right on top of it. If it was going to crack or frost heave, i suspect it would have done so long ago.
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      Re: Foundation Question

      "Can I just build a form the same size and build right on top about 3"?"

      If the existing slab shows no sign of failure such as major cracking, I would go ahead.


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        Re: Foundation Question

        I would just build on it as is.