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    Hi to all, and thank so far for this wonderful forum and website. I was wondering does anyone have a step by step guide in the building process of
    a backyard Pizza Oven? I am new to the website just joined today and although there is an amazing amount of information, I was just wondering if someone could stream line my efforts or point me in the right direction. I will thankful for any and all insight.

    I will be posting pictures of my backyard and the proposed pizza oven sight, as well as documenting my step by step process.

    I am not a mason at all I am a chef, willing to trade expertise if anyone can help.

    Thank you,


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    Re: Need Help...

    Hey Jeff


    Plans are in pdf on the forno bravo site. Here is the link. The plans are really good and combined with this forum will make you dangerous. Good luck and enjoy the ride!

    Brick Oven Plans | Build an Italian Brick Oven
    Texman Kitchen


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      Re: Need Help...

      Also, Jeff, check out the where to get building materials forum - I'm almost done the building of my oven and list where to find everything in Toronto. What part of the city are you in?


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        Re: Need Help...

        Hi chef Jeff,
        Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on starting the process.

        Other than the downloadable pdf (very helpful) you really just need to start looking at the Pompeii threads and you will get all the info you need. I was like you (definitely more the cook than the contractor) but the folks here make it look so simple (well, do-able at least ).

        I tried to take lots of photos to actually 'explain' pictorally what was happening on my 42" diameter, enclosed, stone-house style oven. This link goes to pics of my ground breaking, base building and oven floor construction:
        Picasa Web Albums - Dino - Pizza Oven Co...

        Also, besides the pics of your building area, let us know what size oven you are planing on, will it be 'igloo' style or enclosed and roofed? Will it be free standing or built into an outdoor kitchen area? Also, for example, if it's free-standing, you can start on the base, the blocks etc... and not even have decided for sure if it will be igloo style or not OR how much if any counter overhang your going to have. A lot of this stuff can change or be altered along the way. Although a definite plan and idea is best, I'm amazed at how others changed things along the way with perfect results.

        Good luck, you're going to really enjoy cooking in wfo. Cheers, Dino
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