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    Hello to the geeting started!

    I psoted this in my build string but have not had a reply. I wanted to get some work done this weekend so i thought I would post it here as well.....thanks for your time.


    Ok issue #1. If you look at the pictures earlier in my thread you will notice that the mortar looks nice and dark. The reason is because when I first got my brick Kit from Forno Bravo I cut a corner off the mortar bag and mixed up a small batch in a bucket. I found out later that there is actually a second bag with a lighter colored mortar inside that is obviously needed. The first ten bricks I set have never really dried, the joints are soft to the touch. Yesterday I removed that mortar and redid it. It was super sturdy structurally and I was able to just redo the joints so i think it will be fine. Did I miss somewhere in the instructions about the forno bravo mortar in the kit needing mixed.

    I also had an issue with a later batch lumping up and I had to discard it. That being said does anyone know if similar mortar can be purchased at Home depot/Lowes if I should run out?

    #2. I am on the fifith course and I am getting gaps at the bottom of the bricks. I ruined about three bricks yesterday trying to figure out a way to taper them somehow to fit and I just couldn't get it. Any ideas on what to do? If you have gaps like these should they be filled from the inside of the oven or are they ok to leave the way they are.