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  • Vermiculite Layer Question

    This is a repost from my original build thread. I do apologize for this, but... if your not watching my build you may not realize I need help!!

    Its been 12 days since the vermiculite/concrete pour. I have read numerous times that this stuff takes a long time to dry and when it does it has a cork like consistency.

    By cork like, does that mean it is soft and can be scraped away with a finger nail or did I do something wrong? I am asking before I get on with the oven floor which brings me to another question... If this mix is so soft how do you use a notched trowel to spread the firebrick mortar to lay the brick?

    Thanks in advance!

    A change since my last post... It is harder now but scrapes away very easily. Im guessing thats the nature of this mix??
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    Re: Vermiculite Layer Question

    Originally posted by ArkansasOven View Post
    By cork like, does that mean it is soft and can be scraped away with a finger nail
    Thats how mine was and the oven ended up ok..
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      Re: Vermiculite Layer Question

      This is exactly how it's supposed to be. It's flaky around the edges, and can be broken loose with a fingernail. I think the phrase "cork like" brings to mind the tough smooth wine bottle corks. Think instead of those old fashioned porous cork tiles that were popular in the seventies of the last century.

      The sand/fireclay mixture is just a leveling medium. You can lay it down as a dry powder, and once you've got the brick floor laid the way you want it, you can wet the floor to solidify the mixture.
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        Re: Vermiculite Layer Question

        Sorry for my delayed thank you, but... Thanks! Glad that I am still on the right track. I was beginning to have doubts and that scared me.

        Great community here!
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