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Question about hearth size Casa 2G 110?

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  • Question about hearth size Casa 2G 110?

    Hi Guys, I had originally poured a slab that was 77"w X 86"d. My initial idea was to build a 42" Pompeii oven on this slab but with all the other projects I have going on and very little spare time I'm starting to lean towards purchasing a Casa 2G 100 or 110.

    Does anyone see a problem with me building the block stand and hearth to the specs for a 42" Pompeii and using that hearth for a Casa 2G 110?

    The recommended hearth specs for the Casa 2G 110 are 58"w X 65"d and the actual external dimensoins of the 2G 110 are 48"w X 54"d so I understand that my hearth is going to be larger than needed but my thought was that if I positioned my Casa 2G a little more towards the back of the hearth it would give me a little more of a landing up front and the large open space on the left and right side of the opening would act as counter space.

    Anyone see any problems with this? My thought was that since the larger slab was already poured I might as well try to make good use of it.

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    Re: Question about hearth size Casa 2G 110?

    Any horizontal 'counter' space ensuing from a smaller-than-originally-planned oven footprint will undoubtedly be utilized and gives you the opportunity to surface it however you best. It sure beats the builders who have the opposite problem.