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To cantilever or not to cantilever?

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  • To cantilever or not to cantilever?

    So I realized, since my block stand is 62x78, the hearth slab will be deep enough for an igloo with 3.5" extra, and exactly wide enough (the side walls will be flush with the slab). Should I still cantilever to have a little extra width for breathing room? Will I regret not having extra work space? If it's not an issue, I don't think I'll cantilever, to keep everything as simple as possible. Okay, now I officially see how thinking about this stuff can get obsessive once you start the build.
    Here's mine:

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    Re: To cantilever or not to cantilever?

    Depends on the look you want. Some builders have tiled the surplus area around their igloos and it makes for an attractive, functional space. Just make sure you have multiple areas around your oven to put your favorite adult beverage.