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  • Enclosure ideas?

    Hi guys,

    First time post.

    I am building an Alan Scott style barrel vault oven for pizzas and bread etc...

    I am at the stage where I am about to do the cladding around the dome, and then get cracking on the chimney.

    My question is, I want to fill the space between the cladding and walls with loose vermiculite for insulation. Thats fine, however, i also want to cover the top with vermiculite.

    What are your suggestions for covering that vermiculite, and then putting a layer of cement on top so it can be rendered the same colour as the rest of the oven.

    The only thing I coudl think of was something like a piece of ply across the whole top so it doesnt put pressure downward on the vermiculite, and then rendering that. but i don't know if it would work well...

    Ideas would be appreciated!!


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    Re: Enclosure ideas?

    "The only thing I coudl think of was something like a piece of ply across the whole top"

    A better option would be to mix the vermiculite 12:1 with cement (and water -mix gently). This will safely bear a significant load, provide insulation and you don't have to worry about the vermiculite setting over time. An added benefit is that you won't have tiny bits of loose vermiculite blowing out of cracks.

    I would avoid leaving any wood in the build.
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      Re: Enclosure ideas?

      I think Neil's suggestion is a good one, but unless you are planning some kind of massive construction on top of your oven, a thick concrete slab up there is a poor use of resources, as well as a less than ideal waterproofing solution.

      If you do do this, make sure your upper slab is properly sloped for drainage, and you have thought through how the chimney/slab joint is going to be protected from water incursion.
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        Re: Enclosure ideas?

        Thanks for the ideas guys.

        Essentially, I have formed up the sides and poured the cladding, and have probably an inch of cladding on the top now.

        Will the 12:1 vermiculite/cement mix stand up to weather conditions? I wont be building a cover over this. Essentially i'll leave the top part of the dome exposed and in a dome shape so water will drain off, and have it slightly higher than the outside wall blocks so it drains over it and doesnt pool. I'm just concerned about the 12:1 vermiculite and the weather...

        Thanks for the point re: chimney joint, will make sure i think about that.