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Question about concrete mold

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  • tusr18a
    Re: Question about concrete mold

    I let gravity be the glue. I also made sure that the plywood sections were not right up against each other. I did this so that once the support legs were kicked out, the plywood would fall down easily. I covered the gaps between the plywood with a long piece of duct tape to ensure that cement did not drip through.

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  • ubarch
    started a topic Question about concrete mold

    Question about concrete mold

    Hi there,

    Something that I'm not clear on regarding the Forno Bravo instructions: When you are making the mold that will form the concrete of the stand, you have to make a very strong "tray" structure that will form the underside of the horizontal plane that will support the oven. This is section 3 in the instructions. Should I be attaching the 2x4 supports for the tray to the 3/4" plywood, or not? If I attach them, then it would seem like the support has less chance of collapsing, but if I don't, then the support will be easier to dismantle once the concrete cures.

    I can't tell what they're doing from the pictures. Right now I'm ready to pour concrete, but the tray support structure is only held together by gravity.

    What's the right way to move forward?