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Materials for WFO in Jamaica

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  • Materials for WFO in Jamaica


    I am planning to build my WFO after years of promising my wife her outdoor kitchen. My biggest problem is sourcing the following key materials:

    *Refractory Cement

    Regular Portland Cement is manufactured locally and imported slag cement is available. Can I use either, because importing any special cement is a bureaucratic nightmare...

    I have access to many, many red and yellow clay bricks that were part of old sugar factories around Montego Bay. Some of them come directly from the chimney of an old sugar boiler. Can these bricks be used in the high temperatures in the WFO? Many similar bricks are actually in use in open hearth grills and seem to perform without much trouble - then again, they are not holding the heat like a WFO.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am in construction so am familiar with most technical issues that this project entails.