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Inside the brick dome

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  • Inside the brick dome

    Having just finished cutting and mortaring my wee igloo, the next job is to remove the sand mould from the inside.
    Do I need to try and fill the holes on the inside between the bricks where the mortar missed to make it smooth or will the mortar flake off on the inside if I try?
    The outside is good.

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    Re: Inside the brick dome

    check out the aussie section title gapes in bricks
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    Cut once
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      Re: Inside the brick dome

      Hi ddonalds,

      the next job is to remove the sand mould from the inside.
      Whilst building my Pompeii, I removed he sand mold within minutes of fitting the final keystone and then standing on the top. It didn't collapse so i ragged out all the bricks/timber used to support the sand then climbed inside to clean off the excess mortar and to tap out the bricks that wee a little too far into the oven. A lot easier to repair/re-adjust the bricks whilst the mortar is still wet and much easier to clean it off.
      It is all in my build with pics.


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