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Intall a pizza oven, send your kid to college for free - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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Intall a pizza oven, send your kid to college for free

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  • Intall a pizza oven, send your kid to college for free

    I was doing some math the other day, and came up with an equation.
    (install pizza oven) x (make pizza and bread) = (two year's college
    tuition). I posted my logic on our web site at:


    Perhaps the page should be called "How to Justify a Pizza Oven."

    Double check my math, and let me know if it adds up.


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    Actually, it's costing me 40,000/yr for my oldest son at Fordham so
    it's only 1 year of college.



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      Hi all,
      Well, even if it is kind of funny this thread I do not totally agree with it James, anyway I like the "style".

      As colonel says, I can totally justify if we would begin to think that it is really nice to install the oven and it gives satisfaction to do out our own pizza, but for the calculations...let me say that we are quite far from the real life.

      For having been inside a restaurant where also pizzas were made, I can say for sure that the cost of a pizza is in Italy not less than 2.5 to 3*euro, so around 2,5$ to 3.5$*at actual money exchange considering ALL kind of cost you can imagine, including taxes (we did these calculations hundreds time with the owner of the restaurant). But you should consider that many ingredients are less expensive in Italy, probably*30% less**than in USA if you buy the same quality. Naturally where you can save a lot of money is that making your pizza in the backyard only for you, friends and family you do not have taxes, labour cost, rentals costs, etc...etc...Well in this we do totally agree 100% on the calculation.

      But as you know when you compare 2 things, 2 business, or whatever else*you must put them in the situation to be comparable.

      I repeat, I agree with you that the satisfaction to have your pizza worth the game to make the oven, absolutely...but if you give price to your free time to do pizzas for example you could be surprised to discover that each of your pizza could cost 100$, if for example you take 30$ per hour in your normal daily job.

      See ya next.

      Wally from Italy


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        Sorry I was poking fun at Pizzerias. I can't image what hard work it must be to make great pizza hundreds of times a night -- and you need the real ingredients to make a good pizza (I'm still asking around for wholesale olive oil).

        But I still get to make fun of Starbucks. Right?



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          wait ... i can get the savings up to stanford ... (tongue in cheek).

          at the zuni cafe in san francisco IN JANUARY OF 2002 ...

          wood fired brick oven chicken for two (with warm bread salad with currants and pine nuts) = $35**

          really, being able to cook in the oven what you want,*how you want it, is PRICELESS ...

          my kids have already decided that they will pay their own way thru college, if that's what it takes to be able to afford to build a brick oven. there... problem solved ;>)