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  • Dimensions

    I have built a few ovens in my time and of course have read everything I could on the subjuct beforehand, A few times I have read of Russian and Finnish Gov's testing ovens to find the perfect domensions for the perfect oven but have never found the actual results from the experiments, Just hear say I persume.
    I wish to build a 110 (43") oven (Precast in sections( Refractory)) so with this diameter what height should the dome be, height and width of the door opening, best length of the porch and where is the best place for the flu. any ideas welcome. thank you

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    Re: Dimensions

    The key dimension is that the door height is 63% of the inside oven height. This ratio is considered optimum for heat transfer of the burning fumes to the brick before the fumes cool and exit the opening.

    The door width / ratio is not critical.

    The other dimension often used is the "elliptical" shape or low dome shape that is considered optimal for pizza cooking. This has the inside height at about 90% of the inside radius.

    The siting of the flue and porch length is not as critical. One consideration with respect to the porch or landing is the distance you would have to reach in to tend the fire and cooking.


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      Re: Dimensions

      The siting of the flue and porch length is not as critical.
      An important caveat to this is that the original poster is from Central America, where there are a lot of "hornos" that have the vent going up from the inside of the dome. This is absolutely not a good idea.
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        Re: Dimensions

        sonomacast, why don't you just download the plans for the 42" fb oven. That will give you all the information you need. 43" is not much different than a 42" oven. If you want the basic geodesic dome can be obtained with the "indispensable tool" easily.
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