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    Hi all - just starting to finalise plans for my first outdoor pizza/bread oven and have come across this wonderful site. I spent some time going through the site and was wondering if there is an easy way to print off the building plans and guidelines? I read somewhere that there is a pdf version that I could access, but have not come across that yet. I am currently living in New Zealand and would love to know if there are any other members based here and who have built their ovens in NZ. Would be interested in getting a better cost indication and ideas on materials found locally.

    many more questions to follow I'm sure!!

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    Welcome aboard. Look for posts by KiwiPete.

    The plans are currently under revision but some of the mods have been included in the on-line section. Go to the main FornoBravo page and on the far left column near the bottom will be the on-line plans for the Pompeii oven. The biggest change is tin the hearth that is laid upon the block wall. We now recommend putting in reinforced concrete, although you could go withe a welded platform and then put in a sheet of mild steel. Then your put down an insulating layer of vermiculite or perlite concrete or SuperIsol. Then you start building your dome.

    If you would like the plans that are on the website in a Word File drop me a line and I will send it to you. Note that this does not have the modification that I just mentioned. Use the Forum for questions before you start building.

    je aka patrick
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      Adobe Reader

      Hi there,

      Adobe Reader is available free, now in version 8, and prints out the instruction sheets just fine on my machine/s

      cheers from Down Under

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