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  • Insulation material

    I used a product called Arlita. I bought it in Spain and don't know how far it is found but it's used in construction for floors, walls, ceilings, etc. It's an expanded clay ball that's fired and quite light (floats) and was relatively inexpensive.

    Just an alternative if you can find it.

    I used lots of it over my oven before the final cement layers.

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    Does it seem to be doing a good job of stopping the heat of the oven? How thick did you go?

    Do you think it is some type of expanded clay?
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      all the stuff I found is in Spanish, which is extremely rusty. however there is a link to ARLIBLOCK - prefabricados ligeros

      and an english version maxit Group. - Home

      from the Maxit Group site

      Exclay - the versatile lightweight aggregate - maxit LWA

      As the world's largest geotechnical producer of exclay/LWA, we offer loose material, blocks, slabs, other prefabricated elements for buildings, infrastructure and geotechnical projects and Filtralite® .

      More and more contractors are discovering the advantages of using exclay products in their projects. In addition to high durability, the material retains heat and has excellent sound insulating properties. It is also an environmentally friendly product composed of natural clay and has a long life span.

      Exclay lightweight aggregates are available in various densities and gradings between 0-32 mm.

      maxit Group has 10 production units for loose exclay/LWA in 9 countries - Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden, with a total capacity of 4 million m3. Furthermore, we have 21 production units for derived exclay products in 7 countries - Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Lithuania.
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        Re: Insulation material

        I've still got the bag so I can pull info off if you'd like.

        Two huge bags were about $15. As I mentioned these balls float. They are made of expanded fired clay and are about the size of marbles, a few larger and some pea sized. I've used them by themselves and mixed with plaster (yeso) as well. It sets up like concrete. (my first attempt was a disaster when I mixed the balls and plaster in a cement mixer...had to chip it out with a chisel)

        I just finished insulating under my oven hearth after my first firing because I felt I wanted to store more heat there and slow down the heat loss. I used large roofing tiles for the base and stuffed the balls under the oven until packed and then plastered up the opening and a layer of cement for waterproffing.

        Yes, yes pictures will eventually follow!

        Anyway, the material is sold for construction purposes and I think as a drainage course for gardening as well.

        Arlita...maybe it's a Valenciano word!

        And yes, I was surprised when I fired up my oven for the first time, the exterior never seemed to warm up. Now maybe I have too big a mass or the balls are doing their job. I got the dome to go white and the exterior was still cool.....Maybe a hybrid Pizza/bread....but built more for baking than pizza so I think it will do what we want.

        Next firing to season the oven will be next weekend so I'll give more feedback then.

        Happy Holidays to all and to all a good meal!
        sigpicTiempo para guzarlos..... ...enjoy every sandwich!