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  • Time question

    So here is a how long is a piece of string question. My cousin is visiting for vacation this summer for 2weeks. He is a professional brick layer. Is two weeks enough time to build one of the ovens.

    Really he likes projects when he is on vacation because he gets board. Since it his vacation don't want to work him too hard.


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    Re: Time question

    Why don't you send him the plans, let let him evaluate the time it will take? If he think that he can do it, have all the materials and supplies ready. Have the foundation dug and poured, the stand build and concrete floor poured, so that he can shake and bake.


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      Re: Time question

      In a perfect world, yes, that is enough time.....IF you have all the correct materials on hand and have the stand and base cured when he arrives.

      The plans and building philosophy for this oven will probably be new to him, so make sure he follows the plans, or you won't gain anything but headaches.
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        Re: Time question

        Thanks for the input I have been hunting around the forum it is very active so there is a lot of great information.

        I came to the conclusion that I need the base etc done before he gets here. I think the slab and base are within my skill level. So looks like I need to start digging

        Sending the plans is a good idea I actually thought of that as well but didn't want to scare him off.



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          Re: Time question

          Some vacation!!! LOL


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            Re: Time question

            Yeah, sounds like the vacations my wife plans for me if I don't plan and spend on a vacation to a destination she prefers.



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              Re: Time question

              Sounds like a great vacation! Learn something new in the company of friends and family, or all by your lonesome. On your days off, finish those "Honey do's".


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                Re: Time question

                Used to be nice, honey do's on the weekend or for porchville vacations; but a recent career path change has me doing someones honey do's or daddy won't projects every day. Love it, no more corporate stress and sales quotas, but it just seems I never get to turn it off, even for one day. What used to be my release from coporate hell (my projects) are now an extension of my new corporate hell. Still better than before, since I am the boss and muscle behindit all.



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                  Re: Time question

                  Originally posted by gipper65 View Post
                  He is a professional brick layer. Is two weeks enough time to build one of the ovens.
                  If you have everything prepped as has been suggested above 2 weeks should be plenty of time to build one.
                  Slab down.
                  Stand built.
                  Top slab done.
                  All materials on hand.
                  Pre cut the fire bricks in half.

                  Plus if you send the plans so he can get his head around the oven build I wouldnt be surprised if it isnt completed in a couple or 3 days.
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                    Re: Time question

                    Hello gipper65,

                    You've gotten great advice so far. I'd look for photos of the entrance and transition areas submitted by folks on this forum as reference. They are each worth a thousand words. Many are frustrated by the challenges and it takes up a lot of valuable time. You, on the other hand, will be busy cutting bricks, mixing mortar and assisting.

                    It is possible to have the hearth and a ring or two of bricks on the first day if you have all materials at hand, more maybe. Next day a few more rings and time to think about the transition and arch. It is nice that you have a mason in the family. We have pizza eaters in ours.


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                      Re: Time question

                      Great suggestions by all and I want to add:

                      SAW: have your wet saw & extra blade ready. Have an umbrella over it and your oven for shade if possible. Have a big 5 gal. water bucket on a table next to it for the small pump (don't use the shallow tray). The closer the saw to the oven, the better (quicker).

                      CUTS: Don't go crazy on supper tight joints. The home-brew mortar is your friend. As long as it's fairly tight inside, the bigger joints on the outside hasn't hurt anyone's oven.

                      BASIC MEASUREMENTS: Have your oven opening dimensions and oven footprint finalized and stick to it.

                      BROWSE THE FORUM: All the ovens on this forum are very similar and you'll notice how much we all have in common and where FB members did something new, fun, different, smart or interesting and be prepared to implement it or stick to whats "tried & true".

                      And I agree with LeeB: A Pompeii oven to a seasoned brick layer may still be a very odd thing to your cousin. Make sure you are both up on the need to use true firebrick and use the regular high heat mortar (home-brew) recipe on this site.

                      Also, I've had family / friends that just could not understand the concept of the oven flu/vent in front of the oven opening. So make sure you are both on the "same page" with how a Pompeii oven is built and how it works.

                      You're going to have a great time building it and using. So, please don't hesitate to ask ANY question about your build or your planing of it.

                      Good luck, Dino
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                        Re: Time question

                        "Also, I've had family / friends that just could not understand the concept of the oven flu/vent in front of the oven opening. So make sure you are both on the "same page" with how a Pompeii oven is built and how it works."

                        I didn't understand this until I started to lay-out the oven. It's counter-intuitive to what we all know about fire-places. This is not a fireplace. The door goes btw the flue and the interior of the dome. So in essence the oven is completely shut-off from the out-side world, including the flue/vent. No flue gases are exchanged when the door is in-place.

                        Great tips Dino and this one seems to be an aha for most people.
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