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Commercial pizza oven stone

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  • Commercial pizza oven stone

    I have founf a stone out of a commercial pizza oven. 48"x40"x1.5" would these make a good floor in a wood fired oven?

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    Re: Commercial pizza oven stone

    Wow, that sounds like a good find. I'm guessing by the dimensions the pizza oven was gas-fired. I would examine it for wear, especially cracks. Since it is one piece, it will be near impossible to replace if it ever fails unless you first cut it into lengths that will fit through the oven door. (This is what I did on my soapstone floor slabs, which are rediculously heavy but I have a cool idea to easily get them out if I ever need to).

    Since the floor is only 1.5" thick, you might want to place it on a 2.5" layer of firebrick, and supplement the under-floor insulation just a bit.



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      Re: Commercial pizza oven stone

      I put a pizza stone in my first oven, thinking that I could brush the coals and ash away to be left with a slightly raised cooking surface. With a fire lit directly on top of it , it simply cracked right down the middle. Too much sudden heat for it to handle presumably. A wood fire is way more powerful than a gas burner and the pizza stone too thin. Mine was only about 10mm thick, you maybe luckier with yours.
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