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large crack in Toscana 90 dome

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  • large crack in Toscana 90 dome

    I am at the end of my curing schedule, which I have been very careful about. It's taken me 7 firings to get the dome up to 600 deg F, but I am now noticing a large crack, maybe 1/5" wide running from the top of the dome to the floor on what looks like the seam in the modular sections. What can/should I do about it and what are the consequences of the crack?

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    Re: large crack in Toscana 90 dome

    Hello Greenback,

    Please call me at 1-800-407-5119 ext 14. I will be happy to assist you.



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      Re: large crack in Toscana 90 dome

      Hi Greenback,
      Say, give me some advice as to how you got that Toscana 90 off of the palate and the board it came on? I remember your question about that about 2 mo. ago, but never got an answer? Any suggestions?


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        Re: large crack in Toscana 90 dome

        Seems a good place to say hello -

        Greetings, All!

        Happy to be here, looking forward to WFO happiness in the near future.

        I got my Toscana 90 home last Thu, and got it off the pallet board by very carefully inserting the forks from the lift under the foam and above the OSB board. This required bracing the oven's opposite side to give the lift forks something to push against. Note that this did produce some minor fork dingles on the concrete slab base. I consider it acceptable cosmetic damage, easy to fix, but YMMV. Might have been able to avoid that with some extra foam, or maybe by wrapping the ends of the forks in some covering, but that's 20-20 hindsight from here.

        Start my fire-curing in a couple of days. Crossing my fingers to ward for cracks...

        BTW, a big THANKS! to FB for the forum, and their ovens.

        Gravity forgives no one.