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    Hi Guys,

    Using a rainy Sunday afternoon listing to the football to plan out the build for a new pizza oven on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I have some drainage issues to resolve, however once that is out of the way then plan is to get the slab down by the end of winter.

    Current thinking is a slab of 2100*2500ml, this allows for 5*6 besser blocks with an extra 50ml around the slab for sandstone cladding (yet to confirm the cladding that will be used, this will obviously define the final size of the slab).

    Due to the size of the slab and the weight it will be holding I am planing on the slab being 150ml deep with beam footings at 300*300ml around the outside of the slab and dissecting the across slab at the middle of the edges to make a cross pattern (besser block runs will be built on these). The whole thing will have box reinforcement which I have to admit I have not made since I was slave labour for my father but I am sure it will come back to me once the pressure to perform is on.

    While it does not have to be a bomb shelter, does this plan sound acceptable from a strength perspective, given the base will be 6 runs high and then all the fun starts on top of that?

    Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.