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A hello and a beginner slab dimension question

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  • A hello and a beginner slab dimension question

    First I want to say how wonderful this board is. As an on and off lurker for the past two years I have enjoyed reading about everyone's projects. I am always impressed with how helpful and passionate this community is!

    I am finally ready to join you guys and am digging the foundation out this weekend. We have decided to go with the Casa 36" oven. This is the first time we have ever worked with cement (always open to suggestions...we do have a mixer). I picked up two books to get a better feel for it and I am down to a dimension question...the instructions say to have a 5.5" slab with 3" of gravel and the form 2-3" above ground level. Does that mean it is 3" of gravel and then we pour 2-3" of concrete on top or is it 3" of gravel and then 5.5" of concrete on top of that? (I figured the latter but just wanted to double check).

    Also, for the actual slab size...we are going to pour the slab for the oven, a small counter and then a churrasqueira. For the actual walk up to the "kitchen" we want to put in paver stones. I would like the transition from paver stone to the slab to be as seamless as possible and was hoping to pour just enough slab to be covered by the exterior wall (we are using fabricated stone roughly 1.2" thick). It is mostly the depth I am concerned about. The stand dimensions of 50"X57" just seem a little larger than what I thought they would be. Has anyone done the Casa 36" that could give me some feedback.


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    Re: A hello and a beginner slab dimension question

    I hesitate to be the one that welcomes you, because I am not far behind you. I too have been lurking for a couple years and broke ground 2 weeks ago.

    For your slab, your instinct was correct... 3" gravel and 5.5" of concrete. So the hole should be dug 5.5" or 6" deep, that way the slab will be about 3" above grade; make sense?

    Keep a camera handy and post lots of pics.




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      Re: A hello and a beginner slab dimension question

      Hi Sephora2011!

      Welcome to the FB Forum! And a welcome to cholme as well!! These guys are great, super-knowledgeable, and super-friendly, so ask away and you shall receive an answer!

      I second cholme's post: you want 3" of gravel and 5.5" of concrete on top of that. Your oven will weigh in excess of 2 tons once you're done, so you want a heavy-duty foundation to support all that weight!

      As for your 2nd question, I will leave that up to the other experts in the FB forum.

      I am working on my cabinetry stucco this weekend and beginning my dome next weekend! So I'm not too far ahead of you guys. I clearly remember the excitement of starting the project with the foundation pour!

      Have fun, post pics, and ask away!

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        Re: A hello and a beginner slab dimension question

        Thank you so much for the replies!! It really helps ease the nerves to know that there is place to ask questions when we bump into things we are unsure of.

        I can't wait to be where you guys are! We finished digging the foundation last night and Menards dropped off our concrete today so I am hoping before the weekend starts to have the slab poured.

        Pics will be coming.... Thanks!!