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Uh oh--too high?

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  • Uh oh--too high?

    I was on a business trip for a few days while our oven was being built. I was here for the first two days and was happy with the progress. When I came home tonight, the concrete hearth has been poured. I thought it would be approximately 44" high per the specs, but it is 52"! I'm assuming adding the board and cooking stones will add another 4" (assuming the board doesn't compress). We will probably lose about 1/2" when the flagstone patio is finished, giving us a final height ogf 55.5"

    Looking at the older threads, that gives me a ratio of .85 as I am 5'5" and my SO ratio of .77 as he's 6' tall. I noticed one other thread where someone indicated the ratio was .85 for his wife and she did grumble a bit.

    I'm not happy now as playing with the peel it appears it will not be very comfortable for me to cook at that height. I don't want to add a step as I just know I'll want a flat surface to stand on given my penchant for accidents. But, I know that it will take a monumental effort to reconstruct the hearth.

    Anyone have any thoughts on whether that height will prove to be unworkable?

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    Re: Uh oh--too high?

    I share your pain

    You will probably adjust to the oven floor height. As was recommended to me, you can always pour a four inch pad in front of the oven......

    Frankly, I like the oven higher. I think our oven floor is higher than yours will be and we're not much taller.

    You can stop by Granbury, TX and try our oven if it will help you. We're cooking pizza tomorrow.
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    If you are thinking about building a brick oven, my advice is Here.

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      Re: Uh oh--too high?

      Well, we do live in Dallas. :-)


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        Re: Uh oh--too high?

        Or try these:


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          Re: Uh oh--too high?

          All pizza is better when cooked in those shoes.


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            Re: Uh oh--too high?

            I built mine pretty much to spec. I am 5'10 ish and I wish it were higher. I suggest you go with what it is and see how it works for the two of you. You can always build a rise for you but he is not gonna get smaller.
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              Re: Uh oh--too high?

              Hey, that's an idea! I have shoes like that.

              We worked with it all weekend and there's no way I can use it at that height as I will have to have the peel just above shoulder height. And, if we use the cast iron grill for steaks, I probably won't be able to reach the back of the grill.

              The good news, however, is that our mason said he can easily take off the top course of stones and put the top back on. That will make it about 48 inches, which is much better and like our top oven at home.

              Thanks for the help.