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Soliciting feedback on metal stand for corner install

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  • Soliciting feedback on metal stand for corner install

    I?m planning for an outdoor corner install of a Casa2G90 stove. After much consideration of masonry vs. metal stand, I decided to try to design a metal stand. I?m not a metalworker, though I am a woodworker with friends who weld. At least they are friends for now.

    So I put together a design and I?m hoping to get some feedback from the forum. I know there are quite a few people out there who have built their own metal stands and I?d appreciate any advice you might have.

    A few notes about the materials:
    • The uprights are 3?x3? steel tube (1/4? thickness)
    • The rails are 2?x2? steel tube (1/4? thickness)
    • The braces on the top are 1 ? ?x1 ?? steel tube (1/8? thickness)

    This was also a chance for me to learn to use Google SketchUp for doing 3D renderings. For free software?it?s pretty darn cool.

    Thanks for your help,