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  • Johnfm43 Build

    As you guys can see my Join Date was 08-09-2008. I have been researching for almost a full 3 years. Time and Money have been the two big problems. I broke ground when school got out. I just have been trying to do as much as I can myself. So here goes with my build.

    My plan is to build a WFO, Parrilla, and fireplace. I am not sure how far I can get before I return to work. But, I will do what I can.

    So far I have dug out the area 35'X14'. Installed water, drains (I burried two 55 Gallon drums that had the bottoms removed, I filled them with drain rock put the lid back on and covered up) and electricial. I installed 3 inches of road base and 4 inches of concrete, 7 inches in the WFO area, wire mesh and rebar. Then the day of the pour it rained hard. We had to tent the area. I did pay a local guy to finish and stamp the pad. We poured the outdoor kitchen pad and a firewood pad which worked out to be 8 yards. It is time tomorrow to start the block stand.

    Here are some early pictures. More to come as I go along.

    I do still need to buy fire bricks. I do need 9 dark ones for an idea I have. Has anyone ever used the black ones. Can't say what I am doing with them you will have to follow along to see.

    Thanks Johnfm43

    Helpers in the one pictures brought me drain rock to fill up the drums.

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    Re: Johnfm43 Build

    Hi John,

    Good luck with the build! You have a plan and it looks good. Keep posting your progress as well as pics and we will follow along! Welcome to the FB Forum!



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      Re: Johnfm43 Build

      Looks like a very big project but I am betting its going to be fun. Welcome aboard

      Member WFO-AMB=WW


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        Re: Johnfm43 Build

        Well as I have reported the other day I have the slab poured and things are starting to go up. Here a few pictures from the pour and the finished slab. As you can tell from the pictures it rained hard the morning of the pour. We had to build a huge tent over the area. We had it colored and stamped.

        Thank goodness for one of our friends that had gone to ranger school in the military, he knew how to tie knots and engineer stuff.
        We also poured a 6X24 foot fire wood box slab. This should help with keeping the wood dry during the winter.

        More to report soon.