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  • Foundation slab pour

    I'm still in the planning stage and I am a little afraid of the price so far. The biggest expense seems to be all the concrete that is required for the foundation, stand and oven base.

    What I'd like to know is, while following the Pompeii oven directions, is it possible and recommended to do all the preparation to get the foundation ready, dry lay the concrete block stand and get the oven base stand ready in one hit. All that would be done without pouring any concrete. By doing that, I'd hope to get a premixed concrete truck to come once only (which would be the most cost effective way). All the concrete pouring would be done in one hit.

    Purchasing separate bags of concrete and mixing them myself is far too costly and time consuming.

    I'd appreciate any advice from anyone in Melbourne or anywhere around the world with cost saving ideas. I don't want to cut corners preferably, but it would be great to save a bit of coin.

    Thank you all.