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  • screened lanai enclosure

    I just purchased a casa2g100. I will do the install in a screened lanai enclosure. The distance the oven will be from the house is 12 feet approximatly. Since the enclosure will be full screened (screened roof and sides), Do I need to have the chiminy go through the roof? The roof will be approximatly 11 feet high.

    I have been struggling with this question and have searched high and low for this information, please chime in on this one if you have info.

    Appreciate your help !!

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    Re: screened lanai enclosure

    I'm pretty sure this will fall within the national fire code regulation requiring any chimney rise at least 2' above any structure within 10'. Both the insurance companies and fire marshals consider screen enclosures to be structures, I asked my local fire chief before starting my build OUTSIDE of my screen enclosure and that was his only concern.

    That said, I am curious if this regulation applies to the patio firepits and chimineas that are sold at every big box retailer. Several of my neighbors use them within their screen enclosures and have seen them build pretty strong fires. Can't say that I would recommend the use of any large fire wood burner to everyone, there are alot of screened patios and older screened pool enclosures that are flat roofed and only 9' tall.

    Best bet is to consult with your local fire marshal/chief and also use common sense (referring to the above mentioned low height enclosures). Be sure to document your communications with any officials (who, when, where) - you never know, something could happen some day and your insurance company could blame your unapproved oven and deny your claim........for a burst water line or sink hole damage, they will use any excuse they can find for any problem.