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Barrel vault oven building questions

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  • Barrel vault oven building questions

    We are building a barrel vault oven with a hearth made of high density fire bricks 700 x 700. We arent using any mortar between the hearth bricks or the insulation brick layer. Our outer dimensions of the oven are 950mm od width. The height of the oven arch is 490mm and the opening which is built onto the oven is 360mm h x 460mm w.

    The hearth will be laid on a base of c3 reflective bricks. The walls and arch will be made using tapered fire bricks so we wont be using any mortar. On top of this we are using 50ml thick kaowool, then we plan to render.

    At this stage we have laid the foundation slab and built the base using bessa bricks. On top of this we have formed a 4" thick concrete slab to hold the oven.

    My question is basically whether or not these are correct dimensions for a good pizza/bread oven and if we have enough insulation. Is there any thing that we are missing?

    Thanks in advance