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    Hi All
    Will be sitting my oven on a sleeper base, with paving slab top.
    I want to put an enclosure around it and loose fill with insulation. However i don't want to do it out of something heavy like brick, i want to build a timber one.
    If the oven is thick, and insulated, will the heat be ok with the timber? I don't mind it getting warm , i just don't want to call the fire brigade!

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    Re: Design Help

    Hello Andycase,

    We do not recommend nor approve of using any wood in the design of the stand/base or the enclosure.



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      Re: Design Help

      Thanks for replying.
      Wood being used in the base won't be a problem as it will be topped with concrete and also reinforced with threaded bar to make it secure
      Heat will not touch the wood base.

      My enquiry is specifically regards heat transfer through the done of the oven. With several inches of insulation will the wooden housing be affected?