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  • Costings

    Hi All

    Will be getting a pre-cast dome shaped oven. The total size is 960mm diameter for the dome oven section. The oven with entrance area will be 1300mm long.
    If i do the suggested 4inch vermiculite/cement insulation, how many bags of vermiculite would i be needing? Roughly?
    The bags are 100ltr but ive never used it before so am trying to get an idea whether i should be pricing up 2 bags or 50!

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    Re: Costings

    Well, if the supporting slab is 1300 x 1300 that is 130cm x130 cm x10 cm = 169 litres
    Two bags should do.
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      Re: Costings

      2 x 100 litres did roughly the same area for me..

      never hurts to get a bit extra, use the leftovers for gardens.. works great to retain water.


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        Re: Costings

        It does compress a bit, get a bit more than you calculate you need. Note that the vermicrete insulation layer should only be under the footprint of your oven and not over the entire suspended slab. It should definitely not communicate with the weather as it would then be a source of water infiltration.

        Be sure to mix it gently by hand to avoid breaking down the individual particles.
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