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3/4 block for base walls

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  • 3/4 block for base walls

    In an effort to reduce building costs I have located a salvage yard and they have 3/4 concrete block for $0.60 each. Can you build the base walls out of these blocks? I have also fould a brickyard selling fire bricks at $0.95 each is this the normal cost and does this sound like the proper grade.
    What is the avg brick count for a 36" oven?

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    Re: 3/4 block for base walls

    3/4 blocks are plenty strong if you are going to lay them up with mortar. My concern is that if you are going to dry-lay them the holes in the small blocks won't be big enough to fill with concrete and rebar, and that they won't have as wide a stance to keep them square and upright. If they are from a salvage yard make sure they match: I used freebie blocks from craigslist, and they had all different hole patterns.

    Firebricks from a brickyard at .95 usd sounds perfect.

    I did a full CAD workout of the 36 pompeii:

    and I came up with 171 bricks. You can look at images of the layers there and count them yourself.
    My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2