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    I've had a question from a forum member about attaching pictures on your oven thread and I want to let others know how to do it using Picasa Web. This does not work exactly like this for other photo albums but it DOES work strictly for PicasA Web. (The latest Picasa on your PC will go to the new Google+ photo thingy that doesn't work. You have to google and go to the original "old" picas-web to view the photo from your "drop-box" that you want to post on-line here).

    Go to picasa-web, (your account where you uploaded a wfo progress print either into "drop box" or a whatever file you created)
    Pick or click the photo.

    On the right side you see A blue "LINK TO THIS PHOTO" button. Click it and you get 2 options. Ignore the 1st and click on "EMBEDDED IMAGE" then check off a "MEDIUM" image in the drop down box.

    Now click INSIDE the "embeded image" box and cut it (edit "cut" or control-C) the entire line within it.

    Now go to Forno Bravo Forum, and inside your message box (like the one you're reading this on now) Click on the yellow "post-card" image along the top (it has a mountain and a sun) and you get a box. Delete the highlighted http from the box that pops up and "Paste" or control-V the image you just copied from picasaweb.

    This is the ONLY tricky part: you will see 8 lines of jibberish but within it you will see the 2nd "https;//ih5....bla...bla...bla.." (not the 1st https but the 2ND) and it goes for about 2 lines and ends in .jpg ("dot j-peg").

    Erase every word and punctuation before and after but you must leave it with the brackets that say image [IMG] on either side. Click on "preview post" and you'll see it.

    Below is the "jibberish" you see. I've highlighted the part you want to keep in order to see your photo on your post. Do not leave in the "quotation" marks. Erase everything else and below is the picture that I just put in.

    [IMG]<table style="width:auto;"><tr><td><a href=" embedwebsite"><img src="[/url]/AANNAAANKQ/caqIAbmEtpw/s400/DSC_2119.JPG" height="266" width="400" /></a></td></tr><tr><td style="font-family:arial,sans-serif; font-size:11px; text-align:right">From <a href=" eat=embedwebsite">Drop Box</a></td></tr></table>[/IMG]

    Honestly, it takes me 40 seconds to do (I've posted so many pics ).

    I'm sure there are other ways for other photo viewers too.
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    Re: Picture JPEG attachments in-line

    lol, thanks im gonna give it a shot..
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