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Insulation question.

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  • Insulation question.

    I want to stone veneer right against my refractory dome over the whole oven.
    Is it ok to not use an insulation blanket or vermiculite?

    What are the pros and cons of not using a insulation blanket?

    Thanks Stonemason1

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    Re: Insulation question.

    If you don't insulate over your refractory dome, the stone veneer will be part of the thermal mass, and all the exposed stone will eventually come up to cooking temperature (if you're lucky) or not (if unlucky). Potentially dangerous, either way!


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      Re: Insulation question.

      That doesn't sound like a good idea.

      1. Stone veneer is not designed for high temperature, let alone thermal cycling. If you use manufactured "cultured stone" as your veneer, you will likely find that breaking down and eventually crumbling. Firebrick is designed to handle the very high heat.

      2. The outside of your oven will get REALLY hot! (Ive had my oven to 1100 degrees!)

      3. You have a huge thermal gradient. Inside wall of the oven 1000 deg....outside wall - air temperature. That difference puts tremendous stress on the brick.

      I used stone veneer on my oven, but I built a structure around the oven itself with gabled roof. I used metal studs and cement board. I had 4" of thermal blanket covering the oven dome itself.


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        Re: Insulation question.

        does there need to be an airspace between the concrete (or refractory) and the insulation blanket? I have heard/seen both.